Bite by a Shark

Bite by a Shark

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This guy knows how to have a good time

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Staz Lindes

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i got some whale shark erasers today because theyre adorable giants. ;0;


Not a good day for sharks in Australia! 
West Australia continues killing sharks bigger than 3 meters (9 feet). So far they killed 17 Tigersharks. The 60 drum lines around the state’s coastline stay in place. It is estimated that the WA goverments shark cull program will kill over 140 Tigersharks by the end of it’s initial 3 month period. Here is the link to the whole article of the guardian. If you want to find out even more, google “WA shark cull program”…

I would wreck that.

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"Don’t Worry, Man!"



I’m so happy with this poster I made for one of my classes. HOW COULD YOU WANT TO KILL AN ADORABLE SHARK IN A BATHTUB? HE’S JUST HAVING A BUBBLE BATH.

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